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SubjectRe: Where is the sound devel list?
On Mon, 27 May 1996, Alan Cox wrote:

> The author was last seen announcing he was changing his license and going
> elsewhere for new versions, so grab the code and get hacking. When you've got
> things fixed stamp a GPL on the fixes and send it to Linus. If its the synth
> bug I hope to hack at that this week (the one that causes musserver to Ooops)
> as we have to fix it pre 2.0
The license has now been changed to GPL. I have not announced to go
elsewhere. There just will be another sound driver for Linux (a binary only
version) which is mostly based on the same sources than the one
distributed with Linux. I will continue maintaining the sound driver
included in Linux as earlier.

However there will be two changes:

1) The driver is now distributed under different license (which is GPL as
I stated above). Earlier I announced a plan to have different license but
it has been proved to be a very bad idea.
2) I'm modifying the driver's code so that it's possible/easy to
distribute sound drivers made by other persons than me. These
"contributed" drivers will not be included in the commercial product.

I have not posted new sound driver versions to Linus since early April
due to code freeze. Only fixes to serious problems have been made to the
kermel source tree during that time.

Current snapshot of the driver (including the two
changes mentioned above). There is a link to the latest snapshot from if anybody wants to look at it. These
new versions will be included in the kernel once development of 2.1.x begins.

What becomes to the sound mailing list(s) there have been several sound
mailing lists during past years. However there seem to be much traffic in
the lists and they just die away. Discussion about sound seems to work
better in the comp.os.linux newsgroups.

Best regards,

Hannu Savolainen (, (my home page) (UNIX Sound System (USS)) (USS Lite/TASD/VoxWare)

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