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SubjectRe: Where is the sound devel list?
> I continue to have problem with the sound driver on Sbpro as I had for ALL
> 1.3.x kernels (and I knwo of friends with other Sbpro compatible cards
> (mine is actually a genuine Sbpro) who have the exact same problem. Well, I
> know this is not the place to ask, but as I'm getting really annoyed by it,
> I'd like to do something about it in conjunction with the authors.

The author was last seen announcing he was changing his license and going
elsewhere for new versions, so grab the code and get hacking. When you've got
things fixed stamp a GPL on the fixes and send it to Linus. If its the synth
bug I hope to hack at that this week (the one that causes musserver to Ooops)
as we have to fix it pre 2.0


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