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SubjectRe: Linux logo
> There is really only one authoritative chooser of the logo at the moment. Id
> like Linux International to be able to be that but its nowhere near where
> it needs to be. Linus said at Linux Kongress that I could feed the penguin
> logo through various vendors for comments and through Linux International. If
> it doesnt conflict with patents, and meets the other needs (4 colour, 2 colour
> looks ok 1 inch high etc - which it seems to), then hopefully it will be as
> close as we can get to an official logo.

I don't fear conflict with Patents in this case, things are
enough muddy with Trade Marks ..

I recall one american publishing house uses Penguin as its
logo -- it has name "Penguin", as I recall.. (Though it
limits the usage of Penguin for publishing purposes, not
for others, I hope.)

> Maybe all the new DEC alpha's will have little penguin logos on them next
> to the windoze NT one...

I doubt it will happen -- look at the "Intel Inside"-campaign,
who does pay it ? Who would pay the Linux logo campaign ?

> Alan

/Matti Aarnio <>

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