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SubjectRe: Linux logo
> In my opinoin, they may create a Logo: "Linux Jounal approved: It runs with Linux 1.2.13"
> for example. This would be OK. Who is the ultimate Authouritative Institution
> which can decide "It runs with Linux" except for all Linux-Users ? :)

There are real problems with the LJ logo. It breaks a big rule of logos -

A logo must never give any information about the product, or
imply anything about the product.

Sounds stupid.. well no

See the "Cool..." thing implies non-professionalism - its slang, to people in
suits and brain stranglers its "kids stuff". Anything a logo says about a
product bounds the product itself. The penguin doesnt say anything about the
product at all - except maybe a little cuteness.

There is really only one authoritative chooser of the logo at the moment. Id
like Linux International to be able to be that but its nowhere near where
it needs to be. Linus said at Linux Kongress that I could feed the penguin
logo through various vendors for comments and through Linux International. If
it doesnt conflict with patents, and meets the other needs (4 colour, 2 colour
looks ok 1 inch high etc - which it seems to), then hopefully it will be as
close as we can get to an official logo.

Maybe all the new DEC alpha's will have little penguin logos on them next
to the windoze NT one...


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