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Arrrgghh,  PLEASE shut up..  :)

As interesting as the present slugging contest between Ted and Martin is,
it does not belong here.
Besides the only Monte Carlo I know is a _very_ nice place at Mediterranean.

Mathematics aside, the desperate attempt to save memory is quite
idiotic, 16k is peanuts when the memory requirement for usefull box
begins at 16M. I just found this out the hard way, I had to borrow
memory from my other box (486/66) for another project, went down to 8M from
24M. The compilation time for the kernel went from 39 min to 70 min.

Also the present 'debate' of 'kernel-included indicency-filter' is almost
unbelieveble. It seems that there are two places in the world, where
narrowminded religious zealots are trying to strangle the rest of the
population, Iran and USA.

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