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> idiotic,  16k is peanuts when the memory requirement for usefull box 
> begins at 16M. I just found this out the hard way, I had to borrow
> memory from my other box (486/66) for another project, went down to 8M from
> 24M. The compilation time for the kernel went from 39 min to 70 min.

Nice that you can afford so much memory. I take over 80 min to
compile the kernel, and some people require over 24 hours!
I would like an extra 16kB very much. It's 4 pages, each of which
helps to prevent swapping. Some people even trim everything but
the 1.44 MB support out of the floppy driver to save _one_ page
of precious memory. I will shut up if you send me 32 MB of memory
in 8 30-pin simms.

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