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SubjectRe: tcp/ip filtering
RAMPOD SW Development <> writes:

> > a good idea to allow the parents and teachers to decide the type of
> > information that is made available.. (otherwise the parents might get the
> Ever read _A Brave New World_ ?

101 ways to break a network blocking kernel module.

1. Lazy teachers leave system maintance to students

2. trusted students, leave out the module in kernel rebuild.

3. trusted students, patch module so all apears okay but certain users
are exempt.

4. The mailing list that distributes the upgrades, becomes a guide on
where to look on the net for smut.

5. students use ftpmail to ftp smut off of accessible machine, there by
blocking out sites such as
6. students have the networking system, begin thinking that local sites,
possibly it self is a carring smut and blocks local site, 'HAL 2001' all
over again.

7. students bring in smut gotten off home and BBS systems, becomes cult
hero in school. Where do i find some XXX ftp sites,
students post smut to k-12 news groups locally, module blocks k-12
newsgroup, students can't talk to penpals, complain, teachers get bored
and remove network blocking module.

syslogd filled with site blocks fills harddrive crashes system, trusted
student logs on fixes system see #1, #2

i am leaving the rest to far more intelligent networking minds here and
of HS students slated to become the next linus....

-- (james diekens)
The Tech BBS +1 408 279 7199 San Jose, CA

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