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SubjectRe: tcp/ip filtering
From: Coolio <>
> > > On the subject of implementing a server based tcp/ip packet filtering
> > > system...
> > [more bullshit deleted]
> >
> > Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but this has to stop NOW. Linux
> > is an operating system, not a configurable "network indecency filter".
> Agreed, however there are many options that can be added to linux
> (or just turned on during make config) that increase its
> capabilities and worth the its users... To users who choose that
> filtering is a necessity, it WOULD be a worthwhile option, and
> wouldn't affect those people who choose to not use it. (as in a
> high school, where provided internet access must be regulated..
> since most parents wouldn't advocate leaving pornography available
> to the students, the sysadmins must make some effort to restrict
> the accessibility (like I'm trying to do))

The point is: if somebody writes it and puts it into the kernel, there
will be somebody else who uses it. The latter somebody *may* be a
worrying father, mother or teacher, but it may also be the government
of the United States of America (or the Federal Republic of Germany,
for that matter). Or something worse. Or *much* worse.

> > I can hardly believe that someone calls an automatic censorship module
> > a "bonus" or a "neat demonstration". That's sick.
> I agree that censorship forced on unwilling people is wrong,

Are children generally willing to be censored? Do parents have the
right to "protect" their children this way? Do governments have the
right to "protect" their citizens? I think they don't, in all 3 cases.

> however I also believe that parents (or in this case the
> replacement for the parents, the teachers) should have some degree
> of influence over what information is made available to their
> children. It is definetly much better than censorship regulated by
> the government with vague terms such as "indecent" and "patently
> offensive".. It would serve as an example that citizens ARE capable of
> protecting themselves from such things without the help of the
> government... (it is an added bonus that linux is free)

If people feel that the 'net is evil, they can as well sign off.
But they shall not force others to do so.

Michael "Tired" Riepe <>
"Beware the storm that gathers here!" (The Prophet's Song)

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