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1.3.[84,97,99,100] laptop IDE drive spins down won't restart 

Under 1.2.13 disk spin up/down is fine including going suspend and wake up.
"/sbin/shutdown -r" is fine.

I switched to 1.3.[84,97,99,100] configured both with and without apm. With
apm I have not yet tried enabling the "ignoring suspend" config option.

kernel 1.3.[99,100]
"/sbin/shutdown -r now" causes disk to spin-down partway through shutdown
and the system just hangs trying to access the disk.
"/sbin/shutdown -h now" allows the machine to shutdown fine. The disk stays
spinning after shutdown.

kernel 1.3.84
"shutdown -r now" was O.K. but no spinup after suspend.

kernel 1.3.[84,97,99,100]
suspending machine (via suspend key) works fine and machine wakes up fine
but no disk spin up. All is O.K. until something is needed from the disk
and then that process hangs. Other processes are O.K. until they need
something from disk.

If on a vc I see a message that the disk is busy.

kernel 1.3.100
I just got a failure when switching from battery to AC where the
disk spun down and locked the system when disk information was needed.
(This motivated me to ask for ideas to track down the problem). :-)

kernel 1.3.[84,97,99,100]
The system/kernel seems robust against very heavy cpu, interrupt, and
I/O usage. The only apparent problem is the disk spin down.

System is Gateway 2000 solo, 40 meg ram, 120 Mhz pentium, 1.2 Gbyte disk,
floppy/(2x CDrom). The machine has run Linux fine for several months.
Switching back to 1.2.13 and disk spin up/down is O.K.

1) Any suggestions where to start looking?
2) Any suggestions on how to spinup the disk?
Rob Farber

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