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Subjectmodules + scsi problems

Two things;

1) Kerneld (from modules-1.3.69f) often seems a little slow in loading
modules; there's a race condition if I do a "mount /mnt/dosa". The first
attempt will fail with "fs type msdos not supported by kernel etc." A
second attempt a few seconds later (presumably withing kerneld unload
time) will access the msdos disk no problems.

2) SCSI: The scsi subsystem died totally under 1.3.98, after 10 days of
flawless and at time very disk intensive uptime. Obviously nothing was
logged to disk, and by the time I got to the machine, the only things
showing were repeated attempts to reset the bus which all failed. All I
can remember from the outputs was an unlikely pid (~900000) and an SCB
status of 0x07.

I use the aic7xxx driver, which was updated twice inbetween 1.3.98 and
1.99.4 (which I'm now running). Notably, one change was to make sure an
interrupt doesn't screw things up in a vital place. Could I have been
bitten by that problem?


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