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SubjectRe: Overmounting a filesystem
On 11 Apr 96 at 10:49, Christian Holtje docwhat@uiuc wrote:


> > > Cases to handle:
> > > /dev/k is RO: Try /dev/k+1 till /dev/n then report FS is RO.
> > > /dev/k doesn't have enought space to write the WHOLE file.
> > > Write what is possible, continue on /dev/k+1, etc.
> > > untill you reach the end, then give outofspace error.
> > >
> > > When file is closed, move all parts to one /dev/q,
> > > searching from /dev/1..../dev/n
> > >
> > > If not enough space is available, then report an error.
> >
> > I dont like the idea of an error being reported long after a file has
> > possibly been closed my a now dead process.
> Yeah...that was my complant too...there must be a way to handle that.
> Writes should be done differently...have to think about it.

Thinking some more about it... why bother moving all the parts of the
file....?Shouldn't there be some way of leaving them where they are,
then reattaching them at a later stage (possibly by using the
immutible attribute of ext2 and/or some inode trickery).


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