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SubjectRe: source dependencies cleanup? (fwd)

I think the major point of using bash, correct me if I'm wrong, is too
maintain compatibility all the way through. If I have a linux machine, I
have bash. I may not have sendmail or what have you, but bash IS there, it
is easy to look at, works fine, and serves it's purpose. We could develop
configure scripts in every language if we really wanted to, but the bash
script isn't without purpose. :)

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Keith Rohrer wrote:

> > > > You could write the Configure program in Common LISP, also!
> > > > Common LISP's source is only 16871K, after all, and
> > > > it's *much* more powerful and easy to use than BASH!
> > >
> > > Thanks, but no thanks. The one LISP class I took a few years ago was
> > > enough LISP for me. :-)
> > > Now COBOL...there's an idea... *grin*
> > Heck, why not Smalltalk? Or Forth? Or Prolog? >;]
> None of those are particularly suited to the task. Howsabout Intercal (with
> its paucity of features, it should be easy to support) or "" (the
> language most people dealing with extremely hairy configurations are used
> to already)? Plus, most everyone has sendmail, and most everyone who
> has sendmail has up-to-the-minute sources.
> Keith

Michael A. Ballbach: N0ZTQ

"You earth people have glorified violence for centuries, but imprisoned
those who do so serperately." -- Spock

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