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SubjectRe: source dependencies cleanup? (fwd)

> rohrer@obey.reply-to.line (Keith Rohrer) wrote on 05.12.96 in <>:
> > > > > You could write the Configure program in Common LISP, also!
> > None of those are particularly suited to the task. Howsabout Intercal (with
> > its paucity of features, it should be easy to support) or "" (the
> > language most people dealing with extremely hairy configurations are used
> > to already)?
> "Most everyone has sendmail" - maybe, but why?
Foolish human, you took me seriously. Now I can complete my plan to take
over the world!

Surf now to and be assimilated or

Keith (if the suggestion of sendmail weren't already ludicrous enough,
the suggestion of Intercal...has anyone written a string
library for it yet?)

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