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SubjectRe: Memory hole at 15M
If you get a reply to your question please pass it on to me. I just
upgraded to what sounds like the same setup and I have problems starting
X. The machine just freezes. I got around the kernel only seeing 16M by
passing a mem=32M param to loadlin.

Intel Triton II HX 512K - Frontier motherboard
Intel 133Mhz
Diamond Stealth 3D 3000 PCI video card using XF86_S3V server.


Mauro Condarelli wrote:
> Hi there !
> First of all I send my best wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy New
> Year to everybody.
> Then we get to business :) :)
> I recently upgraded my PC (Pentium 133, Triton MB, S3-Trio64V+) from
> 16MB Ram to 32MB.
> I'm unable to make it work anymore (sort of).
> As soon as the memory usage goes over ~16M i get all sorts of errors
> (OOPS, aiee, ...).
> This is quite repeatable.
> The Ram seems OK (i can switch the two banks and they work the same).
> The motherboard (cache, controllers) have been changed with a similar
> one with no change in behaviour (so i assume it's working).
> I'm testing now with Motherboard and VGA card only (to be sure no
> other spurious problem is confusing the issue).
> Both Win95 and WinNT4.0 seem to have no problems.
> I seem to recall that certain peripherals (VGA??) can access some of
> the onboard RAM using a "window" at 16M.
> I'm unable to find any reference to this.
> Can someone send me pointers?
> I have a BIOS (AWARD) option which reads "Memory hole at 16M-16M";
> If i enable this all the problems go away, but i suspect this is only
> because Linux is forced to belive i have only 15M Ram.
> I would really like to have some detailed information on this and
> some other rather esoteric chipset options (Delayed Transaction, Peer
> Concurrency, ...). Can someone point me to the relevant documentation
> (better if available on-line)?
> Of course I would also want to solve my problem and use all the
> memory i bought, so if someone can suggest any test i could make to
> find out what's wrong, please do!!
> Thanks in advance and
> Happy Holydays!!!
> Mauro

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