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SubjectMemory hole at 15M

Hi there !
First of all I send my best wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year to everybody.

Then we get to business :) :)

I recently upgraded my PC (Pentium 133, Triton MB, S3-Trio64V+) from
16MB Ram to 32MB.
I'm unable to make it work anymore (sort of).

As soon as the memory usage goes over ~16M i get all sorts of errors
(OOPS, aiee, ...).
This is quite repeatable.

The Ram seems OK (i can switch the two banks and they work the same).

The motherboard (cache, controllers) have been changed with a similar
one with no change in behaviour (so i assume it's working).
I'm testing now with Motherboard and VGA card only (to be sure no
other spurious problem is confusing the issue).

Both Win95 and WinNT4.0 seem to have no problems.

I seem to recall that certain peripherals (VGA??) can access some of
the onboard RAM using a "window" at 16M.
I'm unable to find any reference to this.
Can someone send me pointers?
I have a BIOS (AWARD) option which reads "Memory hole at 16M-16M";
If i enable this all the problems go away, but i suspect this is only
because Linux is forced to belive i have only 15M Ram.

I would really like to have some detailed information on this and
some other rather esoteric chipset options (Delayed Transaction, Peer
Concurrency, ...). Can someone point me to the relevant documentation
(better if available on-line)?

Of course I would also want to solve my problem and use all the
memory i bought, so if someone can suggest any test i could make to
find out what's wrong, please do!!

Thanks in advance and
Happy Holydays!!!


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