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SubjectPresentation and my first question

Tom Dyas wrote:

> Those are actually task queues that allow functions to be run during
> bottom half (software interrupt mechanism). Programs use queue_task()
> to put functions on a task queue. Then for example, in the timer
> bottom half, all functions on tq_timer get run.
> You may want to study Linux 2.0.27 which is the latest stable version
> of Linux instead of 1.2.13. When you get to other parts of the kernel,
> 2.0.x is very different (read: improved) than 1.2.x.
.. Thank you Tom but I've the 99% of my work based on the
kernel (that was the latest 'stable' at the moment of starting my work
:( ).
Only a little question, just another example, please..
I'm seeing a
'light' but It's not enough for me :), some questions:

- Kernel puts many tasks in this queues under certain conditions,
that's ok?
What kind of tasks? tq_immediate is an intend to make 'real time'
beliving to linux?...

Maybe they seem silly questions for you but they're important for me.


A SLUG (Spanish Linux Users Group) member in the Mocochof$ country
(Spain) ;).
Jose Manuel Laveda Molina.
Cullera - Valencia - SPAIN

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