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SubjectRe: Oops with 2.1.16 and pppd

Alan Cox wrote:
> > I have ppp compiled into the kernel, but I also have kerneld running
> > for some other stuff. But I got this message on the console when I
> > started pppd:
> Please don't use kerneld with 2.1.x (8+) it doesnt work. Even without kerneld
> itself running. Some of that is down to net code changes I think but I've
> yet to finish pinning down causes.
> Alan

I am still reading and sending mail via PPP loaded as a module, kerneld
is active, never had a problem. Only thing I am still running the 2.1.8
modules version.

--alessandro <> <>

Linux kernel-2.1.13 libc-5.4.17 gcc-2.7.2 binutils-

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