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SubjectOops with 2.1.16 and pppd

Get the following oops everytime I run ifconfig right now. When I
booted, I was able to run ifconfig with no problems. Also had no
problems after I got pppd running. Then it started doing this. pppd
is still running, and my connection seems ok.

It looks like the net_families array is getting corrupted.

I have ppp compiled into the kernel, but I also have kerneld running
for some other stuff. But I got this message on the console when I
started pppd:

Dec 19 03:31:44 spudboy modprobe: Can't locate module ppp0
Dec 19 03:31:44 spudboy kernel: registered device ppp0
Dec 19 03:31:44 spudboy pppd[551]: pppd 2.2.0 started by root, uid 0

Is kerneld trying to load ppp even though it is compiled in and not a
module? If so, is that what is corrupting net_families?

Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<c0138fdb>]
EFLAGS: 00010292
eax: 00000003 ebx: 00000001 ecx: 00000003 edx: c8863240
esi: 00000003 edi: c4f50fa0 ebp: 00000002 esp: c4f50f34
ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
Process ifconfig (pid: 630, process nr: 21, stackpage=c4f50000)
Stack: c0139001 00000003 00000001 bffffb30 c4f50fa0 bffffb24 00000000 c885dcb4
c01f99c8 c011b456 c011b4d7 c4f20004 07d45025 c011b348 08001c50 c78b7e18
c013a6f8 00000003 00000002 00000000 c67c5c0c 40005fd8 08000c50 00000000
Call Trace: [<c0139001>] [<c885dcb4>] [<c011b456>] [<c011b4d7>] [<c011b348>] [<c013a6f8>] [<c010a818>]
Code: 39 0a 74 0b 40 83 f8 0f 7e eb b8 ff ff ff ff c3 90 83 ec 28

>>EIP: c0138fdb <find_protocol_family+13/24>
Trace: c0139001 <sys_socket+15/158>
Trace: c885dcb4
Trace: c011b456 <do_no_page+10e/330>
Trace: c011b4d7 <do_no_page+18f/330>
Trace: c011b4d7 <do_no_page+18f/330>
Trace: c013a6f8 <sys_socketcall+140/318>
Trace: c010a818 <system_call+38/40>

Code: c0138fdb <find_protocol_family+13/24> cmpl %ecx,(%edx)
Code: c0138fdd <find_protocol_family+15/24> je c0138fea <find_protocol_family+22/24>
Code: c0138fdf <find_protocol_family+17/24> incl %eax
Code: c0138fe0 <find_protocol_family+18/24> cmpl $0xf,%eax
Code: c0138fe3 <find_protocol_family+1b/24> jle fffffff5 <_EIP+fffffff5>
Code: c0138fe5 <find_protocol_family+1d/24> movl $0xffffffff,%eax
Code: c0138fea <find_protocol_family+22/24> ret
Code: c0138feb <find_protocol_family+23/24> nop
Code: c0139001 <sys_socket+15/158> subl $0x28,%esp
Code: c0138fef <sys_socket+3/158>

Gene McCulley

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