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SubjectBusLogic.o module won't load

I'm trying to get kernel 2.1.16 to load on my machine so I
can update the Rightswitch network driver to the latest version.

However, I can't get the kernel to boot. It fails trying to load
the BusLogic.o module. I get:
create_module: Unknown error 997978112
and then a panic because the root FS can't be accessed.

The base system was a Redhat 4.0 running kernel 2.0.27 with
modules 2.1.3 installed. I did a kernel make and a make
modules_install. Copied zImage to /boot/
Did a mkinitrd /boot/ 2.1.16. Ran lilo. Try
to boot and got the above message.

Anybody have a clue what I'm doing wrong???

Rick Richardson Sr. Principal Engr.
Digi Intl. LAN PMU Email:
11001 Bren Rd. East Fax: (612) 912-4955
Minnetonka, MN 55343 Tel: (612) 912-3212

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