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SubjectRe: Linux FD Limit > 1024

There was talk on the linux-kernel list (added to cc: list by
me) about needing to rebuild libc, and other stuff.

I ran into this once also, and just reverted to the
previous kernel, and left it alone for a bit.

Have you tried rebuilding /sbin/init and linking it static? I
had to do that in some cases, and it worked niceley.

There may be other tricks required, I don't have all the answers
for this, just a "hack".

Perhaps someone can point you at a archive of this list (i quit
maintaining one awhile back, sorry), and you can find the answer
there. (You may also need to ask linux-gcc, the libc folks if I recall

- Jared

Jerry Glomph Black graced my mailbox with this long sought knowledge:
> I read with EXTREME interest your note and patch
> taking the 2.0.2x kernel to 1024 descriptors/process.
> I used the patch, and successfully built a kernel the
> first time...
> So, my application needs 50% more than this, and I tried
> a 2048 version of the patch. This kernel will not boot,
> it throws up shortly after loading.
> Do you think it's reasonably possible to get to 2048? This
> problem is giving the FreeBSD zealots an unfair advantage....
> and jeopardizing Linux use in my company!
> Thanks!
> Jerry Black

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