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SubjectRe: Defragmentation Utility

At 15.55 16.12.1996 -0800, you wrote:

>I'm personally sceptical of memory problems being the culprit with
>defrag -- if that's the case you should be getting disk corruption with
>all sorts of things.

I am getting devestating disk corruption with defrag :-)

e2fsck always fixes those free blocks counts, even if i DON'T DO ENYTHING
BETWEEN RUNS, except boot the machine. When i'm shutting down the machine after
e2fsck, there are messages of some bit being already cleared for some block.
Is this normal?

...despite of this i've never encountered some ACTUAL corruption messages from
the kernel, when i've tried to run some program or do some other disk reads.

I have most of my physical disk under DOS, and there i have SCANDISK and
a CRC checker; i have NEVER noticed any corruption there. I have run DOS's
defraggers even via dosemu. OK


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