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SubjectRe: Realtime Linux
> input he might have on RT-Linux sometime being included in
> the standard kernel sources. Under what conditions might a
> version (or other implementation) of RT-Linux be included?

Well Linus seemed to like it when he spoke in Berlin last year, I guess
number one would be getting an answer from the authors if possible (and give
the poor folk some time) and generating a clean patch to 2.1.x for it.

> 15uS latency/resolution. I suspect that RT-Linux is (at least
> presently) incompatible with SMP. This is one aspect I would
> hope might change sometime.

I suspect fixing that isnt hard. RT-Linux plays some IRQ queueing games ,
and from the SMP kernel point of view the patches I produced that don't
go into the standard 2.0.x kernel are basically doing the same thing but
in the kernel instead of in the RT layer.


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