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SubjectRealtime Linux
I am presently evalutating the specs of RT-Linux as available from It looks like a simple and clean
implementation that should work about as well as PC hardware can
work for simple Hard-RT applications.

One of my concerns that that interest in RT-Linux may be dropped
and it will discontinue being updated. I am quite willing to help
support the project but don't have the resources to keep it up
to date on my own. I wrote to Michael Barabanov <>
with a few questions and haven't recieved any reply. To be fair
is has only been a couple of days other than the weekend since I
wrote. Michael Barabanov is the developer/maintainer of the web
site but it is unclear who developed the patch.

It would be helpful to hear from those who are using RT-Linux,
those that are interested in RT-Linux and from Linus with any
input he might have on RT-Linux sometime being included in
the standard kernel sources. Under what conditions might a
version (or other implementation) of RT-Linux be included?

Note that RT-Linux goes far beyond POSIX-RT in that it goes
under the kernel and tests have shown the processes can be
scheduled and interrupts can be services with aproximately
15uS latency/resolution. I suspect that RT-Linux is (at least
presently) incompatible with SMP. This is one aspect I would
hope might change sometime.

I need to have some idea of the level of interest/support
for RT-Linux before choosing it for a few projects.


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