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SubjectRe: TCP/IP Checksumming

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996, Heiko Schroeder wrote:

> Hmmm. The values below show quite the opposite. It is not that
> difficult to fold the carries back, and what is more important, it
> is done only once, not for every word accessed.
> Here are the measured values for some of the functions used:
> csum_partial: sum = 1a8a, min cycles 1406
> csum_simple: sum = 1a8a, min cycles 6846
> csum_opt: sum = 1a8a, min cycles 2455
> csum_opt32: sum = 1a8a, min cycles 1434
> csum_c: sum = 1a8a, min cycles 2626
> csum_partial is the original Linux version.
> csum_simple is the simple function using lodsw and loop, csum_opt is the
> function that was best in the MS-DOS tests. csum_opt32 is csum_opt
> changed to use 32-Bit memory accesses. And for comparison, there is
> a C version of the checksumming algorithm in csum_c.

I don't understand. These numbers are not at all like I get in 32-bit
mode, flat-model, writing results to the UART, with no interrupts.

I'll get back to you later. I have to take a work-break.

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