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SubjectRe: IPv6 and the "average user"

> People will get bruised, but hopefully not too badly. We have to have
> IPv6 because
> o There are not enough IPv4 addresses. Just to put all the cable
> TV customers in the USA on couldnt be done. Abortions like dynamic
> IP are directly due to this
Or are dynamic IP's invented because there where not enough IPv4 addresses
to give all users their own IP !

> o The existing scheme doesnt allow enough empty address space to
> make routing easier. Without that the peering points will simply
> melt in a few years time, regardless of how much money is thrown
> at the problem.
> There are lots of other potentially great things to come out of IPv6 but
> the impact to the average net.human is likely to be one day that their
> ISP says "Ok we now do IPv6", and if your PPP client can do IPv6 you'll
> be able to talk to all the IPv6 sites too. Over time things will appear
> that are v6 only until a lot of the net isnt useful via IPv4. People will
> stick IPv4 only boxes behind v4/v6 masquerades or upgrade. That may finally
> mean the death of win3.11 and sunos (pre solaris sunos)

MickeySoft is, IMHO, very pleased about IPv6: now they can force many users
to give up win3.11 and other older software: they must use the software the
MS updates to IPv6: Win9{5|6|7|8|9} and WinNT.

BTW: Although it is a very big pain in the ..... to upgrade to IPv6 for
everyone, we can use it's benifits: encryption and compression, these will
,along with others, being implemented in IPv6, I hope ?

> Alan


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