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SubjectRe: IPv6 and the "average user" (Bernd Eckenfels) wrote on 23.11.96 in <577j5k$>:

> Kai Henningsen <> wrote:
> > To keep them alive as long as possible, routes need to have long prefixes
> > - or, to put that differently, providers have to share one or very few
> > prefixes among all their customers.
> > And *that* makes for too few IP addresses for every customer.
> Does that mean with IPv6 Address Blocks will be assigned to ISP and the
> Customer has to switch Networks if they change Providers?

Yes. No way to avoid that has been found; instead, the IPv6 people have
concentrated on making it as painless as possible.

> > However, you'll still need to change your addresses when you switch ISPs,
> > unless you are big enough so the backbone routers will be willing to make
> > routing table entries just for you. Because of this, renumbering a network
> > is a lot easier in IPv6 - each box *must* support being told their address
> > by the router. At the router, just configure the new 80 bit prefix. The
> > rest is automatic. (Well, if you do DNS, you'll have to change that, too.)
> Ah yes.. thats nice... Thanks for that info.. is there a RFC especially for
> that policy?

For which policy?

MfG Kai

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