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SubjectRe: Memory Trauam

> On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Nicholas J. Leon wrote:
> > So here's my dilemma: why didn't memtest 1.1 notice the bad ram? This
> > wasn't the type of problem that showed up intermittedly: after booting
> > my kernel INIT would ALWAYS fail.... ALWAYS. As would initrd.
> I did have to disable my caches in the BIOS before memtest started working
> correctly (if not, it would just _fly_ through the addresses instead of
> the normal slow plod).
When I have "slow DRAM refresh" enabled, memtest will find three errors when the
CPU is going quickly...or lots and lots if it's going maximally slowly. I would
definitely suggest turning off the caches for an effective test; I'd also suggest
running it with everything as slow as possible to catch bits which fade from slow
refresh, and with everything (but caches) as fast as possible in case some parts
of memory aren't quite fast enough...


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