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SubjectEDO Memory Blues

Nicholas J. Leon wrote:

> I'm hoping that someone could clear something up for me. It is in
> regards to memory. If you will remember, about 1 week ago I posted a
> comment about my new ASUS and it's EDO ram that wouldn't work unless I
> cut it in half with a mem=8m boot parameter. It was that letter that
> sparked the thread on NMI/ECC.

My 6x86 P150+ machine with (2) 16MB EDO SIMMs began exhibiting exactly
the same symptoms - this is scary. I didn't even know anything was
wrong until noticing 'top' reporting a low (read: factor of 0.5) figure
for total memory. About 4 out of 5 times, Linux would think there was
only a total of 16M installed. If I forced its hand with a boot-time
commandline setting, things would almost work; but I'd see instant
Signal 11 faults when running GCC.

Replacing both modules with 16MB Fast-page (parity) SIMMs from another
box cured the problem completely.

> Well, I got replacement memory and sure enough, all works well.

I returned mine to the vendor for replacement. If The Chip Merchant is
what they're cracked up to be, I'm looking forward to the same
experience. BTW, they've been a great outfit the couple of times I've
dealt with them for sales.


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