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SubjectRe: Linux & ECC memory

Well, I have a Tyan Tomcat (single) motherboard with the Triton II (430HX)
chipset on it. It does support ECC when used with parity SIMMs. (I have
never seen an EDO SIMM with parity, maybe the DIMMs have it.) There are
two switches for it in the BIOS. The first enables ECC, the second enables
single-bit error reporting. Unfortunately, the documentation does not say
just how it goes about reporting it. I currently have parity SIMMs in it
and run with ECC enabled. I don't remember if I enabled reporting or not,
but since I have only had the board a few months, odds are I haven't had a
parity error anyhow.

One thing to note is that although the Triton II chipset supports EDO vs
FPM memory on a per-bank basis, parity checking and ECC are system wide
switches. If you want to use them, all the memory in the system must have
parity bits.

This motherboard also proved that some time ago I had some of those junk
parity-generator SIMMs foisted off on me. Turning on ECC with those
things in there locks the system up, since *every* memory access becomes
an uncorrectable error.

-- Gary Ward

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