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SubjectRe[2]: Ping with a 65510 bytes packet
     Apologies - I know it's off topic, but is there any information on 
which other systems this can be exploited on? I've killed a Linux
machine with it, and I know it causes AIX to dump as well. I've tried
it on Solaris 2.4 to no effect. My office are positively shitting
themselves, as our firewall guy is away for a month (I know, I

Any information I get, I will knock up into a web page and post the



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Subject: Re: Ping with a 65510 bytes pack
Author: Shinanyaku <> at Internet
Date: 18/10/96 18:52

Bruno Kraychete da Costa was heard saying ....
> When a friend of mine, using a Win95 workstation, issued the ping
> command using a pack of 65510 bytes and addressed to my Linux 2.0.22, it
> simply rebooted. On the second time he issued that command, all the
> process stopped because of a general protection 000, including the agetty
> processes.

Everybody try this and lock up your linux system? I did. It works as
reported except it didn't reboot my box, just lock it up solid-like.

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