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SubjectRe: Pentium reset and smoking motherboards
Jason Burrell <> writes:
> Basically what happens is that the system won't reboot from Linux like
> it's supposed to. We've hashed this out on the list before, though I don't
> remember what the outcome of the discussion was. However, I've lost two
> motherboards, and *both* times it's been after Linux has done a reset.
> Linux tries to reboot, it doesn't work, I hit the reset switch, and the
> motherboard is dead. Nothing on the screen. Kill the power and reset, and
> it's still dead. This happened twice. Though on the second board it
> started giving interesting looking green streaks and blocks on the screen
> and beeping thrice (two short and one long, or one long and two short, I
> believe) on powerup, but then after a few times went back to normal and
> started working again. Then, two days later, it went boom after I manually
> finished the reboot Linux started.

This might be completely unrelated by I have been experiencing similar
problems with my computer. These problems were positively *not* caused
by Linux, though. Eventually I found out that my graphics card was to
blame. Reseating the card in its socket and the EPROM on the card
fixed the problem for me. But if I were you, I would just replace your
graphics card with some completely different brand and check if that
makes any difference.


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