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Subject[OFF-TOPIC] HDD Noise stopped with cat /dev/zero
David Monro <> wrote:
> I can remember one particularly strange incident where I could here
> when I was running a CPU intensive job (raytracing) as opposed to the
> being idle. I can only guess I am hearing subharmonics of the bus traffic
> I find that hard to believe.

I remember using a Timex/Sinclair 1000 with the TV monitor. When the
system was running in "fast" mode I could turn the volume of the TV up and
listen to a few different hums as it was doing things. I.E. if it was just
doing a large for loop, it was one pitch, saving to tape was another pitch,
writing to the screen was yet another pitch, and so on. Rumor has it that
when the 100MHz 486 and Pentium were coming about they were "broadcasting"
on top of a radio station in the area. Drivers listening to the station
got a lot of humming when they drove past the Intel sites... Fact or


FWIW: The T/S 1000 "fast" was faster because the CPU did not do screen
updates, where as "slow" when it updated the screen in time with the print

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