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Subject[PATCH v12 1/5] Input: goodix - add sysfs interface to dump config
> On Saturday, September 10, 2016 at 2:00:06 PM UTC-4, Irina Tirdea wrote: 
> Goodix devices have a configuration information register area that
> specifies various parameters for the device. ...
> Export a sysfs interface that would allow reading the configuration
> information. ...
> This sysfs interface will be exported only if the gpio pins are properly
> initialized from ACPI/DT. ...

Irina, why the requirement for INT/RST gpio pins? The config info is
available by simply reading from the config register (0x8047) and IIUIC
does not require presence of INT/RST pins. So, it can be exported even
without those pins.

Likewise, config writing support currently present in the kernel
(which I believe you are responsible for [thank you!]) also for some
reason mandates presence of INT/RST. However, it is simply done by
writing to the aforementioned config register (0x8047).

I have 2 similar devices (Pipo X8 and X9) with GT911 chips that have
different configs. Neither device has the RST pin defined.

I was able to successfully read the config from one device and
write it to the other. So, it seems the INT/RST requirement is not
necessary for config reading/writing support. Or did I miss something.

Thank you.


NB: I am not subscribed to the list. Please CC me directly with any replies.

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