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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 1/2] platform: Add driver for RAVE Supervisory Processor

30.08.2017 23:38, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
>>>> + * 9 -> Illegal Trap
>>>> + * 10 -> Unknown
>>>> + * 11 -> Crew Panel Requested
>>> Anyway... If you move management chip to .. I don't know, i2c, the
>>> path would change. Also it would be different path on N900. Userland
>>> should not have to deal with this.
>>> And... this should really be string, as the list will need to grow on
>>> different hardware.
>> I think we have a misunderstanding, with this part of the patch set I
>> am not trying to propose a generic ABI that would be useful for any
>> other driver but this one. Hence the lack of concern for different
> Yes, but sorry, that's no-go. Kernel should hide differences between
> different machiens, and it should be rather easy in this case.

There is an interest to have reset reason exported on other ZII hardware
as well.

I think that trying to make this generic is purely synthetic. This
information is board-specific per it's nature, it comes from what board
is designed for, different boards have quite different sets of possible
reset reasons. What is needed is - pass this board-specific information
to board-specific user space.

What's proper API for that, if not a sysfs attribute?

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