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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 1/2] platform: Add driver for RAVE Supervisory Processor
>> I think that trying to make this generic is purely synthetic. This
>> information is board-specific per it's nature, it comes from what board
>> is designed for, different boards have quite different sets of possible
>> reset reasons. What is needed is - pass this board-specific information
>> to board-specific user space.
>> What's proper API for that, if not a sysfs attribute?
> Please go through the thread.
> Sysfs attribute is okay, but:
> 1) it should probably be a string
> 2) it should certainly be superset of all the reasons
> 3) it should be in generic place, say /sys/power/reset_reason
> 4) it should be documented what each state means

What I'm concerned here is that a requirement appears for kernel driver
to keep and maintain knowledge of what all that codes mean. For me, it
looks like information locality breakage. Information in question is
application-specific, it definitely changes from board to board and
probably will change for particular board over time.

It's desirable to keep this information application-private, and have
kernel only passed it from hardware to application, unmodified and

Requiring kernel driver to interpret application-specific information
only increases complexity (i.e. any changes will have to be maintained
in two places - in driver and in application).

So question is - is there any proper API to communicate
application-private information from hardware through kernel to
userspace without any in-kernel interpretation?

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