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Subject[PATCH v2 00/05] iommu/ipmmu-vmsa: 32-bit ARM update V2
iommu/ipmmu-vmsa: 32-bit ARM update V2

[PATCH v2 01/05] iommu/ipmmu-vmsa: Use iommu_device_register()/unregister()
[PATCH v2 02/05] iommu/ipmmu-vmsa: Consistent ->of_xlate() handling
[PATCH v2 03/05] iommu/ipmmu-vmsa: Use fwspec on both 32 and 64-bit ARM
[PATCH v2 04/05] iommu/ipmmu-vmsa: Replace local utlb code with fwspec ids
[PATCH v2 05/05] iommu/ipmmu-vmsa: Clean up device tracking

This series updates the IPMMU driver to make use of recent IOMMU framework
changes and also improves code sharing in the driver between the 32-bit and
64-bit dma-mapping architecture glue code.

Suggested-by: Robin Murphy <> (Patch 2 and 4)
Signed-off-by: Robin Murphy <> (Patch 3 and 5)
Signed-off-by: Magnus Damm <>

Changes since V1:
- Minor changes to patch 1 and 2 - thanks Robin and Geert!
- Added patch 5 to include further clean ups

Developed on top of v4.13-rc1

drivers/iommu/ipmmu-vmsa.c | 198 ++++++++++----------------------------------
1 file changed, 49 insertions(+), 149 deletions(-)

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