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SubjectRE: [vMCE design RFC] Xen vMCE design
Jan Beulich wrote:
>>>> On 20.06.12 at 18:13, "Liu, Jinsong" <> wrote:
>> Recently we design xen vMCE as attached.
>> Please kindly help me to review it, any comments/suggestions are
>> appreciated.
> The concept looks quite okay, provided no OS has a problem with
> the limitations imposed (most notably the restriction to a single
> reporting bank, particularly in the context of e.g. Linux partly
> ignoring the first bank under some conditions iirc).

'bank0 skipping' quirks is only for older model cpus, I think we have 2 options:
1). still use 1 bank and simply ignore this issue. I mean, even if guest runs at bank0 quirks platform, when hypervisor inject vMCE# to guest, guest skip bank0, then guest MCE logic would think it detect a spurious mce, then kill itself. Considering bank0 quirks is only for old cpus, this is acceptable;
2). use 32 banks

In fact, a third option is, use 1 bank, but hypervisor kill guest when it detect bank0 quirks. This would be same effect as option 1, so I prefer let guest kill itself.

> As to not needing any migration specific adjustments - what if
> a migration is in progress when an event needs to be delivered?
> Jan

If a migration is in progress while an event delivered, we abort the migration.


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