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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: Performance drop
On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 02:12:39AM +0700, Comrade DOS wrote:
> PROBLEM: Performance drop
> After the release of linux 3.4.0 I've updated the kernel on all my machines.
> In most of the computer upgrade was successful.
> However, on my old laptop (HP Compaq 6715b) after the upgrade was just
> impossible to work.
> I found that CPU frequency scaling no longer work properly on this machine.
> After loading the CPU clock is reset to the minimum (800 MHz), and
> remains so until you reboot.
> Changing the type of governor is not helping.
> Recompile the kernel without CPU frequency scaling has been to solve
> the problem, but even after this performance leaves much to be desired
> (although, according to /proc/cpuinfo CPU frequency set maximum).
> In addition to the above-described problems, there is another - the
> problem with rebooting and shutting down (and possibly also have a
> problem with s2ram and/or s2disk, but I'm their functionality I have
> not tested).
> If you try to shut down or restart the laptop it hangs.

This somehow reminds me of commit
26adcfbf00e0726b4469070aa2f530dcf963f484 (x86: SB600: skip ACPI IRQ0
override if it is not routed to INT2 of IOAPIC).

See also and

Question is why the quirk doesn't work (anymore) on your system.

What was the kernel release used before 3.4.0 was install on your

Please provide dmesg with apic=debug kernel option when kernel 3.4 is

Can you please try to boot with kernel paramter
acpi_use_timer_override in another test run and with
acpi_skip_timer_override in a 3rd test (and also using acpi=debug in
both cases) and provide dmesg output for those testruns.



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