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    SubjectHauppage HVR1600 - CX18 Issue with Centos 6.2 - Analog Sound comes and goes - MORE DATA
    Well I've been reading the mailing lists and found that when I have a
    Mythtv Capture running and check out performance I get the following:

    [root@mythbox bob]# v4l2-ctl -d 2 --log-status | grep 843
    cx18-0 843: Video signal: present
    cx18-0 843: Detected format: NTSC-M
    cx18-0 843: Specified standard: NTSC-M
    cx18-0 843: Specified video input: Composite 7
    cx18-0 843: Specified audioclock freq: 48000 Hz
    cx18-0 843: Detected audio mode: mono
    cx18-0 843: Detected audio standard: no detected audio standard
    cx18-0 843: Audio muted: yes
    cx18-0 843: Audio microcontroller: running
    cx18-0 843: Configured audio standard: automatic detection
    cx18-0 843: Configured audio system: BTSC
    cx18-0 843: Specified audio input: Tuner (In8)
    cx18-0 843: Preferred audio mode: stereo
    [root@mythbox bob]#

    If I was compiling from source there appears to be a way to force
    fallback. How this is done from the modprobe level on a package managed
    system I have yet to figure out.

    Bob Lightfoot

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