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    Subjectlinux-next: manual merge of the crypto tree with the powerpc tree
    Hi Herbert,

    Today's linux-next merge of the crypto tree got a conflict in
    drivers/crypto/Kconfig between commit aef7b31c8833 ("powerpc/crypto:
    Build files for the nx device driver") from the powerpc tree and commit
    2789c08fffea ("crypto: ux500 - Add driver for CRYP hardware") from the
    crypto tree.

    Just context changes. I fixed it up (see below) and can carry the fix as
    Stephen Rothwell

    diff --cc drivers/crypto/Kconfig
    index f1ceeef,69fdf18..0000000
    --- a/drivers/crypto/Kconfig
    +++ b/drivers/crypto/Kconfig
    @@@ -296,21 -295,15 +296,32 @@@ config CRYPTO_DEV_TEGRA_AE
    To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the module
    will be called tegra-aes.

    +config CRYPTO_DEV_NX
    + tristate "Support for Power7+ in-Nest cryptographic accleration"
    + depends on PPC64 && IBMVIO
    + select CRYPTO_AES
    + select CRYPTO_CBC
    + select CRYPTO_ECB
    + select CRYPTO_CCM
    + select CRYPTO_GCM
    + select CRYPTO_AUTHENC
    + select CRYPTO_XCBC
    + select CRYPTO_SHA256
    + select CRYPTO_SHA512
    + help
    + Support for Power7+ in-Nest cryptographic acceleration. This
    + module supports acceleration for AES and SHA2 algorithms. If you
    + choose 'M' here, this module will be called nx_crypto.
    + config CRYPTO_DEV_UX500
    + tristate "Driver for ST-Ericsson UX500 crypto hardware acceleration"
    + depends on ARCH_U8500
    + select CRYPTO_ALGAPI
    + help
    + Driver for ST-Ericsson UX500 crypto engine.
    + if CRYPTO_DEV_UX500
    + source "drivers/crypto/ux500/Kconfig"
    + endif # if CRYPTO_DEV_UX500
    endif # CRYPTO_HW
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