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    Subjectbrcmsmac driver is ghost in 3.3
    I spent the better part of my day trying to get my bcm4313 wlan card
    to work with the new kernel to little success. I used to use brcmsmac
    with the old 3.2 kernel, but it was somehow excluded when I did my
    'make silentoldconfig'.

    I chose b43 because I couldn't find brcmsmac anywhere in nconfig
    anymore. device drivers -> network devices -> wireless lan -> ???..
    After fiddling around a while, I looked into my .config and searched
    for the symbol, and sure enough, it was there! CONFIG_BRCMSMAC is not

    That's strange. I get back on nconfig and do a symbol search and find
    that it should be in devices drivers -> network devices -> wireless
    lan. I go check a 2nd time and it's right there! Broadcom SoftMac
    driver! .. I tried enabling it and saving the config. I peaked at the
    .config file again, and the symbol was _gone_ .. (??) I got back on
    nconfig and the option was no longer there as well.

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