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    Subjectum: WARNING: at kernel/futex.c:786 __unqueue_futex

    Your commit 2e12978a
    (futex,plist: Pass the real head of the priority list to plist_del())
    triggers gazillions warnings on User Mode Linux (x86, Linus' tree as of today):

    ------------[ cut here ]------------
    WARNING: at kernel/futex.c:786 __unqueue_futex+0x12/0x16()
    Modules linked in:
    27d4cce8: [<081c13fe>] dump_stack+0x1c/0x20
    27d4cd00: [<08071aa0>] warn_slowpath_common+0x49/0x5f
    27d4cd18: [<08071acb>] warn_slowpath_null+0x15/0x19
    27d4cd28: [<0808fdb8>] __unqueue_futex+0x12/0x16
    27d4cd38: [<0808fef3>] futex_wait+0x137/0x1ed
    27d4cdd0: [<080910c3>] do_futex+0x78/0x7c4
    27d4cedc: [<080918e6>] sys_futex+0xd7/0xed
    27d4cf28: [<0805abf6>] handle_syscall+0x7a/0x98
    27d4cf78: [<080685d9>] userspace+0x2c9/0x370
    27d4cfe0: [<08058be5>] fork_handler+0x53/0x5b
    27d4cffc: [<00000000>] 0x0

    ---[ end trace ed7709f235f82328 ]---

    !spin_is_locked(q->lock_ptr) in the WARN_ON() at line 786
    triggers the warnings.

    I'm not sure whether this shows a bug within UML
    or the WARN_ON() is wrong.

    What do you think?


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