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    Subject[PATCH R3 0/7] xen/balloon: Memory hotplug support for Xen balloon driver

    I am sending next version of memory hotplug
    support for Xen balloon driver patch. It applies
    to Linus' git tree, v2.6.38-rc3 tag. Most of
    suggestions were taken into account. Thanks for
    everybody who tested and/or sent suggestions
    to my work.

    There are a few prerequisite patches which fixes
    some problems found during work on memory hotplug
    patch or add some futures which are needed by
    memory hotplug patch.

    Full list of fixes/futures:
    - mm: Add add_registered_memory() to memory hotplug API,
    - xen/balloon: Removal of driver_pages,
    - xen/balloon: HVM mode support,
    - xen/balloon: Migration from mod_timer() to schedule_delayed_work(),
    - xen/balloon: Protect against CPU exhaust by event/x process,
    - xen/balloon: Minor notation fixes,
    - xen/balloon: Memory hotplug support for Xen balloon driver.

    Additionally, I suggest to apply patch prepared by Steffano Stabellini
    ( which fixes memory management
    issue in Xen guest. I was not able boot guest machine without
    above mentioned patch.

    I have received notice that this series of patches broke
    machine migration under Xen. I am going to solve that problem ASAP.
    I do not have received any notices about other problems till now.


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