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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/15] hpwdt: make NMI code a config option (+ other cleanup)
Hi Dan,

> So overall: patches look good, but let's re-order the patches a bit (so that we first clean-up the driver and then add the NMI related changes (If we ever need to revert some things then we at least have a clean-driver before we start bisecting the NMI changes)).
> And secondly: let's try to have the ifdef's out of the init and exit procedures.
> If you can look at how we can get rid of the ifdef's in init and exit, then I will reorder the patches and change the 3 timer patches and put that allready in a git tree.

I reorganised the sequence of patches. I'll sent them to you for verification (and will put a copy in linux-watchdog mailing list).

the patches now look like:
watchdog: hpwdt (1/12): clean-up include-files.
watchdog: hpwdt (2/12): Group options that affect watchdog behavior together
watchdog: hpwdt (3/12): Group NMI sourcing specific items together
watchdog: hpwdt (4/12): Despecificate driver from iLO2
watchdog: hpwdt (5/12): Make x86 assembly ifdef guard more strict
watchdog: hpwdt (6/12): Introduce SECS_TO_TICKS() macro
watchdog: hpwdt (7/12): allow full range of timer values supported by hardware
watchdog: hpwdt (8/12): implement WDIOC_GETTIMELEFT
watchdog: hpwdt (9/12): hpwdt_pretimeout reorganization
watchdog: hpwdt (10/12): Construct status message w/ kasprintf and emit it with dev_info
watchdog: hpwdt (11/12): Use "decoding" instead of "sourcing"
watchdog: hpwdt (12/12): Make NMI decoding a compile-time option

(patch 12 can still be improved).

Kind regards,

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