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Subjecte1000e crashes with 2.6.34.x and ThinkPad T60

I have a new notebook, a Thinkpad T60, which is freezing in random
intervals (like 30 minutes to two days) as long as I am using the
on-board wired ethernet interface, which is an e1000e, [8086:109a]. As
long as I keep using the WLAN, the system runs for weeks despite
frequent suspend/resume cycles etc. The crashes seem really to be tied
to using the wired ethernet. This is a hard freeze, with nothing
happening on the system, only a long push on the power button helps.

Additionally, sometimes, probably after suspend/resume, the wired
ethernet does not come up properly again, ip addr claims "NO CARRIER"
even if the LEDs on the interface and on the switch claim that there
was a link. No packets are received by the interface when it's at this

Both issues appear with 2.6.34 and I didn't try any of these
issues with an older kernel, 2.6.34 was already out when I started
using the T60.

To rule out defective hardware, I have tried with a second T60, with
the same results.

Full dmesg and lspci-nn attached, please say if you need more.


P.S.: Please Cc: me on replies, both linux-kernel and netdev are too
big for me to timely follow. I am subscribed to both lists, but a Cc
helps in getting a faster reply.

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Mannheim, Germany | lose things." Winona Ryder | Fon: *49 621 72739834
Nordisch by Nature | How to make an American Quilt | Fax: *49 3221 2323190

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