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Subject[kbuild regression, post-rc1] Remote installation over read-only NFS broken
Hi Michal,

Unfortunately, your commit 73d1393eb8507ed5fd7f8e696f6b1ecc18035ebe
(kbuild: Generate modules.builtin in make modules_install) broke my testing
environment that had always worked before.

Namely, I build kernels on a central machine and export the build directory
along with the kernel sources over read-only NFS to test boxes. Then, on the
test boxes I run "make modules_install", copy the kernel to /boot, run mkinitrd
and so on. Now, after your commit above the "make modules_install" command on
the test boxes doesn't work any more, because it tries to write to the build
directory, which is mounted read-only.

Please fix or revert.


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