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    SubjectUgly rmap NULL ptr deref oopsie on hibernate (was Linux 2.6.34-rc3)

    I've got the following oopsie two times now when hibernating - this
    means, I don't get it everytime I hibernate but only sometimes, say once
    in a blue moon.

    And yeah, I couldn't catch it over serial console so I had to make ugly
    pictures. By the way, the numbers in the filenames increment as I scroll
    down the whole oops (yep, it hadn't completely frozen and I still could
    do Shift->PgUp or Shift->PgDn on the console):

    So, here's what I could decipher from the oopsie, someone else who's
    more knowledgeable in mm, rmap and anon_vma's list traversal should be
    able to tell what goes wrong there.

    EIP is at page_referenced+0xee

    which is

    10c4: 41 01 c4 add %eax,%r12d
    10c7: 83 7d cc 00 cmpl $0x0,-0x34(%rbp)
    10cb: 74 19 je 10e6 <page_referenced+0xff>
    10cd: 4d 8b 6d 20 mov 0x20(%r13),%r13
    10d1: 49 83 ed 20 sub $0x20,%r13

    10d5: 49 8b 45 20 mov 0x20(%r13),%rax <--------------

    10d9: 0f 18 08 prefetcht0 (%rax)
    10dc: 49 8d 45 20 lea 0x20(%r13),%rax
    10e0: 48 39 45 80 cmp %rax,-0x80(%rbp)

    Corresponding asm:

    .loc 1 496 0
    movq 32(%r13), %r13 # <variable>, __mptr.451
    subq $32, %r13 #, avc
    movq 32(%r13), %rax # <variable>, <variable> <----------------
    prefetcht0 (%rax) # <variable>
    leaq 32(%r13), %rax #, tmp97
    cmpq %rax, -128(%rbp) # tmp97, %sfp
    jne .L187 #,
    .loc 1 514 0
    movq %r14, %rdi # anon_vma,
    call page_unlock_anon_vma #

    and the NULL pointer in question is being written into %r13 and then 32
    is subtracted from it (I'm guessing container_of()). This is consistent
    with the register snapshot - %r13 contains 0xffffffffffffffe0 which is
    -32 and with the code dump in the oops, in CIMG1640.JPG code points to
    opcode 49 8b 45 20.

    Which is the following piece of code in <mm/rmap.c:page_referenced_anon()>.


    mapcount = page_mapcount(page);
    list_for_each_entry(avc, &anon_vma->head, same_anon_vma) {
    struct vm_area_struct *vma = avc->vma;
    unsigned long address = vma_address(page, vma);
    if (address == -EFAULT)


    which tells us that is NULL. Hmm...


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