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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [1/4] SLAB: Handle node-not-up case in fallback_alloc() v2
> This is a better way to go anyway because it really is a proper
> "fallback" alloc. I think that possibly used to work (ie. kmem_getpages
> would be able to pass -1 for the node there) but got broken along the
> line.

Thanks for the review.

I should add there's still one open problem: in some cases
the oom killer kicks in on hotadd. Still working on that one.

In general hotadd was mighty bitrotted :/

> Although it's not such a hot path to begin with, care to put a branch
> annotation there?

pointer == NULL is already default unlikely in gcc

/* Pointers are usually not NULL. */
DEF_PREDICTOR (PRED_TREE_POINTER, "pointer (on trees)", HITRATE (85), 0)


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