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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 3/3] NFS: Fix a memory leak in nfs_readdir
    On Wed, 1 Dec 2010, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > --00032557542a0c5e6004965ba615
    > Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1
    > On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 7:36 AM, Trond Myklebust
    > <> wrote:
    > >
    > > We need to ensure that the entries in the nfs_cache_array get cleared
    > > when the page is removed from the page cache. To do so, we use the
    > > releasepage address_space operation (which also requires us to set
    > > the Pg_private flag).
    > So I really think that the whole "releasepage" use in NFS is simply
    > overly complicated and was obviously too subtle.
    > The whole need for odd return values, for the page lock, and for the
    > addition of clearing the up-to-date bit comes from the fact that this
    > wasn't really what releasepage was designed for.
    > 'releasepage' was really designed for the filesystem having its own
    > version of 'try_to_free_buffers()', which is just an optimistic "ok,
    > we may be releasing this page, so try to get rid of any IO structures
    > you have cached". It wasn't really a memory management thing.
    > And the thing is, it looks trivial to do the memory management
    > approach by adding a new callback that gets called after the page is
    > actually removed from the page cache. If we do that, then there are no
    > races with any other users, since we remove things from the page cache
    > atomically wrt page cache lookup. So the need for playing games with
    > page locking and 'uptodate' simply goes away. As does the PG_private
    > thing or the interaction with invalidatepage() etc.
    > So this is a TOTALLY UNTESTED trivial patch that just adds another
    > callback. Does this work? I dunno. But I get the feeling that instead
    > of having NFS work around the odd semantics that don't actually match
    > what NFS wants, introducing a new callback with much simpler semantics
    > would be simpler for everybody, and avoid the need for subtle code.
    > Hmm?
    > Linus
    > --00032557542a0c5e6004965ba615
    > Content-Type: text/x-patch; charset=US-ASCII; name="patch.diff"
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    > IGluY2x1ZGUvbGludXgvZnMuaCB8ICAgIDEgKwogbW0vdm1zY2FuLmMgICAgICAgIHwgICAgMyAr
    > KysKIDIgZmlsZXMgY2hhbmdlZCwgNCBpbnNlcnRpb25zKCspLCAwIGRlbGV0aW9ucygtKQoKZGlm
    > ZiAtLWdpdCBhL2luY2x1ZGUvbGludXgvZnMuaCBiL2luY2x1ZGUvbGludXgvZnMuaAppbmRleCBj
    > OWUwNmNjLi4wOTBmMGVhIDEwMDY0NAotLS0gYS9pbmNsdWRlL2xpbnV4L2ZzLmgKKysrIGIvaW5j
    > bHVkZS9saW51eC9mcy5oCkBAIC02MDIsNiArNjAyLDcgQEAgc3RydWN0IGFkZHJlc3Nfc3BhY2Vf
    > b3BlcmF0aW9ucyB7CiAJc2VjdG9yX3QgKCpibWFwKShzdHJ1Y3QgYWRkcmVzc19zcGFjZSAqLCBz
    > ZWN0b3JfdCk7CiAJdm9pZCAoKmludmFsaWRhdGVwYWdlKSAoc3RydWN0IHBhZ2UgKiwgdW5zaWdu
    > ZWQgbG9uZyk7CiAJaW50ICgqcmVsZWFzZXBhZ2UpIChzdHJ1Y3QgcGFnZSAqLCBnZnBfdCk7CisJ
    > dm9pZCAoKmZyZWVwYWdlKShzdHJ1Y3QgcGFnZSAqKTsKIAlzc2l6ZV90ICgqZGlyZWN0X0lPKShp
    > bnQsIHN0cnVjdCBraW9jYiAqLCBjb25zdCBzdHJ1Y3QgaW92ZWMgKmlvdiwKIAkJCWxvZmZfdCBv
    > ZmZzZXQsIHVuc2lnbmVkIGxvbmcgbnJfc2Vncyk7CiAJaW50ICgqZ2V0X3hpcF9tZW0pKHN0cnVj
    > dCBhZGRyZXNzX3NwYWNlICosIHBnb2ZmX3QsIGludCwKZGlmZiAtLWdpdCBhL21tL3Ztc2Nhbi5j
    > IGIvbW0vdm1zY2FuLmMKaW5kZXggZDMxZDdjZS4uMWFjY2IwMSAxMDA2NDQKLS0tIGEvbW0vdm1z
    > Y2FuLmMKKysrIGIvbW0vdm1zY2FuLmMKQEAgLTQ5OSw2ICs0OTksOSBAQCBzdGF0aWMgaW50IF9f
    > cmVtb3ZlX21hcHBpbmcoc3RydWN0IGFkZHJlc3Nfc3BhY2UgKm1hcHBpbmcsIHN0cnVjdCBwYWdl
    > ICpwYWdlKQogCQltZW1fY2dyb3VwX3VuY2hhcmdlX2NhY2hlX3BhZ2UocGFnZSk7CiAJfQogCisJ
    > aWYgKG1hcHBpbmctPmFfb3BzLT5mcmVlcGFnZSkKKwkJbWFwcGluZy0+YV9vcHMtPmZyZWVwYWdl
    > KHBhZ2UpOworCiAJcmV0dXJuIDE7CiAKIGNhbm5vdF9mcmVlOgo=
    > --00032557542a0c5e6004965ba615--

    This violates the "Really. Don't send patches as attachments."
    lkml-faq set forth by yourself ;)

    Am I the only one who still uses a mail reader that doesn't decode
    mime by default? Maybe it's time to move on...


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