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    Subject[PATCH 0/8] hwmon: applesmc: Dynamic configuration rewrite
    The amount of machines supported by this driver has increased rapidly
    over the past years, and the detailed driver support of the many
    flavors is quickly becoming a problem.

    This patchset introduces dynamic configuration by making the SMC
    register set efficiently searchable, and fixes a number of outstanding

    * Support for all new models since MacbookPro 6.
    * Support for variable number of cpu sensors in the MacPros.
    * Handles the odd temperature sensor types found on new models.
    * Fixes minor read problems on many intermediate models.

    The first patch is preparatory. The second patch adds the register
    lookup cache. The third patch adds the dynamic temperature files, and
    the fourth implements a new temperature register format. The fifth
    patch makes the remaining features dynamically configured, and the
    sixth patch sets up the fans dynamically. The seventh patch is purely
    janitory, and the last patch updates the copyright.

    As a side-effect, the file is reduced by almost five hundred lines.


    Henrik Rydberg (8):
    hwmon: applesmc: Relax the severity of device init failure
    hwmon: applesmc: Introduce a register lookup table
    hwmon: applesmc: Dynamic creation of temperature files
    hwmon: applesmc: Handle new temperature format
    hwmon: applesmc: Extract all features generically
    hwmon: applesmc: Dynamic creation of fan files
    hwmon: applesmc: Simplify feature sysfs handling
    hwmon: applesmc: Update copyright information

    drivers/hwmon/applesmc.c | 1542 ++++++++++++++++------------------------------
    1 files changed, 534 insertions(+), 1008 deletions(-)

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